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Friday, 2019-02-22
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Hollywood Stars Ingest Gambling Mainstream

I love it when gambling goes mainstream, whether it’s auspices of a outdo sports link up being sponsored alongside a bookmaker or when celebs advocate it in any which way. Recently, I well-read that my all-time favorite actress Catherine Zeta Jones is affluent to idol alongside Bruce Willis in a new gambling silver screen called The Ballad Favorite. This flick is an adaption of Beth Raymer’s gambling diary and the good-looking Catherine purpose play the little woman of an iconic gambler played by Willis. Hollywood Casino Gaming Chips - whispers are that filming transfer upon in New Orleans in April 2011. Can’t lacuna!

Courtesy of Al Lowe’s Humor Area

How many studio executives does it take to lag-screw in a scintillation bulb?
We don’t know. Beacon bulbs last longer than studio executives.

How multitudinous actors does it take to force in a street lamp bulb?
1,000. Undivided to do it and the others to explain, "I would’ve done that differently.”

How uncountable editors does it carry off to metamorphosis a candle bulb?
If we shift the evolve bulb, we’ll take to exchange everything.

How divers P. A.’s does it opt for to screw in a light bulb?
Nine. A person to do it and eight others to yearn they’d been asked.

How many prop masters does it put to louse up in a lantern bulb?
Glow bulb? Window bulb? The cursive writing doesn’t mentioning any light bulb!

How various joining electricians does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Three. You got a facer with that?

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